Little By Little

2010 DRRachel Johnson

For the past four days we have been cooped up in a computer lab working tirelessly to compile ALL of the raw footage we have from our trip into some sort of rough cut.  Obviously, our final goal is to whip up a documentary on the story of Pedro and his work in the city of Cien Fuegos, and obviously this will not be done by tomorrow afternoon.  

We are quickly learning that this process is anything but quick.

It’s a good thing we are in good company (with plenty of new music and scrumptious treats to keep us going) though, because otherwise this process would probably feel as daunting as it actually is.

Although it has been jam packed, I have really enjoyed this week and being with the people I just shared a life-changing experience with.  Yes, we have a lot to do to get this film edited.  And yes, we have to be inside on these beautiful sunny days in order to get it done.  But we have all been moved by what we saw down in the DR, and we genuinely want to tell the stories of the incredible people we interviewed. Keeping this in mind, I know there isn’t anything we can’t do.

Earlier this week Gaby and I went through ALL of the notes we took on every person we interviewed.  We have done this in order to come up with some sort of script for the others who are brilliantly piecing together the footage.  One phrase that we consistently came across while writing the script was that of “little by little”.  This phrase was used by more than one community member in reference to the fact that working for change in the city will take time, but it will happen.  Little by little, the people of Cien Fuegos are recognizing not only their struggles, but also their opportunities in hopes of creating a future that is bright.

I feel like I can sum up this Backpack Journalism program by referencing this three-word phrase:

Little by little, we have gotten to know each other and learned how to work together.  

Little by little, we figured out what it was we wanted to capture on film while in the DR and now how we want to tell this incredible story to others.  

And little by little, we have opened ourselves up to this new experience and let it move us in ways we may have never imagined.

In accomplishing LOTS of things little by little, 

Ray J 






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