From my heart to yours

2010 DRRachel Belsha

It is Sunday and thinking over the past week of adjusting back to life in the US, and ingesting and editing material for the documentary I am reminded of the principle of teamwork. 

Our class is made up of nine students and three professors here in the States, Kyle Woolley as our translator in the Dominican Republic, and Rachel Bloom as a recent and appreciated addition as we continue working on translation for the documentary.

As the days were long, and the task ambitious, I’ve appreciated everything that each individual brought to the table. We work as an incredible team and the end result, will be nothing shy of a job well done. 

A few added thanks go to the professors for making this experience a reality! Thank you also to the students who were extra helpful, and stepped in to help when I was not feeling my best towards the end of the week especially. 

The documentary is looking great, I can’t wait to see the finished product, and be reunited as we get together in the fall!  Best of luck to Gaby as she travels back to the Dominican Republic to spend a semester in the Encuentro Dominicano Program this coming fall. 

Amy-the group photo is sitting by my bed, reminding me of our wonderful experiences inside and outside of class. Thank you so much! 

I will continue to stay in touch, and look forward to seeing how we all go forth and use what we have learned, to bring about change. 

Take care, 







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