Five things I learned in the Dominican Republic

DRCarol Zuegner

It’s important to me to keep the experiences from our backpack studies class present in my life and how I live my life.

Here are five things I’ve learned: 

1. I can take risks. I embraced the idea of this project from the start, though a little voice sometimes said: What are you thinking? I ignored the voice, kept moving forward. I feel stronger and able to take on the next challenge. 

2. Creighton students are amazing. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the students who took this challenge. They rose to every challenge. They endured heat, humidity, mosquitoes with nary a complaint. They embraced the people they met. They rocked the video. They rocked the writing. They made the trip a joy. 

3. Collaboration makes the sum much bigger than its parts. John O’Keefe, Tim Guthrie and Kyle Wooley brought passion, expertise and incredible work ethic as well as a great sense of humor to our project.

4. Journalism as witness is important. The Jesuit values of men and women for and with others take on new meaning for me.

5. I need to learn Spanish. 






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