And the Academy Award for Best Documentary Goes To…

2010 DRPeter Freeze

And the Academy Award for Best Documentary Goes To… Creighton University’s Journalism and Mass Communication Department for their Documentary titled, More than Beaches and Baseball.

Wednesday was a long workday, but it was also quite productive.  We used the script that had been put together that is full of quotes.  We found all the quotes and trimmed them out and placed those into a master story document… that ended up being just over 2 hours long.  So now we need to trim out any English that was in those clips and pray that it is under 30 minutes long after that.  With a 2-hour film we could be in the running with far larger budgeted projects for some really neat awards… if i keep dreaming that is.

Although it was a long day we did a lot of the work that needed to be done, and now that all those clips have been located we can easily go find them and edit them down to exactly what we need.  The project looks great, and it is coming together, we should be completing a rough cut of the film by Friday.  Which would include the footage we want, just not perfectly edited, and we still would need to do the voice-overs.

With just two more class days left we will be putting in more long hours so we have something to show by the time we have to call it a week.  But everyone is more than willing to work long and put their efforts into it so we all know it will come together, because we are not leaving until it does.  Keep checking for more updates about where you might be able to get sneak peek. 






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