Learning through Doing

Yesterday, we all sat crowded around the projector in the Murphy media lab to watch a rough cut of what will eventually result in our final project.


Just two weeks ago, we came to this same media lab with over 90 hours of footage, thousands of different story ideas, and with little to no video editing experience.

We have spent countless hours editing, writing, re-editing, and re-writing. Coffee, bagels, and Carol’s delicious cream cheese bars have powered us through as we attempted to develop a concrete story idea, but through it all, we have come up with a great film and learned journalism from an extraordinary perspective.

It is amazing that within the short span of two weeks, I now feel confident in trimming and marking video clips in final cut pro. I have learned how to create a storyboard as well as the importance of a concise narration. In addition, I discovered the tricks to Morgan Freeman’s narrating voice and the importance of reflection when creating a film.

I have learned more about journalism in this short 5-week period, than I have in my past two years of journalism classes and internships. I was able to witness and be a part of the entire process of making a documentary. From the interviewing, to the filming, to the editing and the writing, I have been able to see this project through and through.  The intense bursts of hard work were tiring, and sometimes seemed endless, but in the end I found it is what I love about the world of journalism.

From now on, I will never again watch a documentary in the same way. I will now analyze each shot that was used, looking for hints of foreshadowing and considering each word of narration.

Though the film still remains nameless and is nowhere near finished, I am confident that it will be a great and inspiring film!

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