Jays migrate south

12:04 p.m

Four hours in. The trail mix is open, road trip playlist is on and the first Starbucks stop is in the books.

Items we realized we (cough, Carol) forgot: Fr. Hendrickson bobble head, Carol’s “expensive” long sleeve shirt with SPF for the desert.

With one broken door handle, questionable windshield wipers and our chauffeur Carol at the wheel, this 12 person van is moving south! (Behind the other Creighton van. If you guys are reading this, slow down, we’ve got a State Trooper on our tail.)

To be honest, I was supposed to write this blog last night, but I was so busy trying to figure out how to fit two weeks of Aly into a carry-on, that I forgot. Oops. So, in response to your questions Dr. Zuegner, this is what I’m thinking/feeling/ experiencing… right now.

What scares you? I’m actually not scared at all! Let’s do this. Last night I was worried I’d forget my passport or phone charger, but I’m 98 percent sure I’ve got everything necessary to survive. Good job, Aly.

(Insert Qdoba stop)

What gives you confidence in the journey ahead? The people right next to me. Throughout this week this group of people has shown so much potential. Everyone brings something special to the table and has been open to sharing their thoughts and ideas. We’re all determined to bring home a story and product we’re proud of and this is so evident in everyone’s hard work and openness.

What are you feeling? The music. Currently playing: Yoncé.

1:58 p.m. mountain time.

We can no longer see flatland for days and our ears are beginning to pop. Todo, I don’t think we’re in Nebraska anymore.  Welcome to colorful Colorado!

Who’s on board you ask?
A hat-wearing theology major, a JMC graduate/Beyoncé guru, a professor with a pony tail who only wears black shirts, a vegetarian Bolivia native, a kid with a resting smiling face, a girl whose name rhymes with Karen, a book worm, a queen who is never late–everyone else is simply early, a free spirit flannel wearer, an undercover geek–according to her insta, a couch surfer, a social media enthusiast, a random (natural) blonde, a southern Waco gentleman, a former ballerina and yours truly.

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