First Week Back: An Update

Friday, 3:30pm. Hitchcock  205 (our new home). Half of us are trying to figure out what b-roll that we already reviewed will work best by pairing them with quotes pulled out from the interviews. The other half is in the room next to ours building the storyline, by putting quotes together in a way that they make sense. Tim is extra-focused trimming the interviews to easily place them in the timeline, John is walking back and forth between the rooms, his eyes looking more and more tired every time he steps in the room, while Carol is at home recovering from a cold.

But wait. How did we get here?! Already reviewed b-roll? Quotes from interviews? Tim is “extra-focused”? John is getting tired? Carol is not here?

What happened?

Yes. It has been a crazy four days. So I am writing this short blog as a short update on what is going down in Hitchcock 205.

Tuesday – We came in at 1pm and started to go through all the footage and label it so that it is easy to find and work with on Final Cut.
Example – Video: Broll shot by Tim of Stan cutting up onion to cook with the salmon at his fish camp.
Name of file:
And we did that with the 6o hours of footage that we had. It took us until 5 and a little bit more on Wednesday.

Wednesday – We came in at 8:30 and continued labeling the files that we hadn’t finished. By this time we found out that the server was working properly and that we were going to be able to share files and Final Cut libraries through the server. Much easier than using the hard drives that John had to buy. Tony took a couple of people to the Jesuit diner with most of us stayed and had a more humble lunch. After labeling was done, a lot of people began transcribing the interviews, while others worked on sorting the files into more organized folders and yet other began putting sequences together as we reviewed the broll.

Thursday – More reviewing of broll and transcribing of interviews in the morning. A small group was selected to focus solely on story writing. Carol, John and this group went to the room next door to review the transcriptions of the interview and began to pull quotes from them and sketch a script. We still don’t have one, but they are working on it. The other half of the group stayed working on more brill reviewing and putting sequences together. Another group of people began marking the interviews to identify the places where the quotes were said.

Friday – By this day we had basically divided into three main groups. Broll reviewers, interview listeners and markers, and story writing people. We spent all morning working on our tasks. Tony took another group of people to the Jesuit diner, and in the afternoon the broll and interview group sat together with a list of quotes from the interviews to see what brill works best with the interviews. The writing group had a tough day without Carol, but were almost done before John hit what his calls “cognitive failure” and called everything off at 3:30.

Our new best friend.
Our new best friend.

Its a lot, but we are making a lot of progress. I am amazed to see how coordinated we are at making this happen. I am also in awe at Tim’s ability to make this whole thing happen so smoothly and at our whole group for their willingness and patience to work on what I think will be a phenomenal documentary.

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