What is that contraption with two wheels? Oh, yeah, a bicycle.

Life in Uganda Post

Before this trip, I never knew how to ride a bike. Embarassing, yes, but since my uncle got hit by a car when he was learning as a child, my mom never bothered to teach me.

Yet, riding bicycles is a way of life in Uganda. Because transportation is so expensive for Ugandans because of fuel prices, people usually always walk or ride their bicycle to wherever they need to go.

It was a completely different change stepping into a culture that relies on walking and bicycles rather than using cars. Back home, if someone were to ride their bike along West Dodge Road they would be considered a crazy person.

But not in Uganda. Besides walking, people bike miles to get to the place they need to. Also, bicycles can be used as a great way to transport many things that would be rather difficult transporting by walking. Ugandans find ways that seem impossible to stack items on their bicycles that in the end are taller than the person riding the bike!

Many of those popular items mentioned above include bananas, wood, furniture, and clothing, and chickens.

Yes, chickens.

.For example , as we were driving along side of the road, there was a man that had strapped to his bike 8 chicken cages stuffed with the birds. Unfortunately, I was not able to grab a photo of it, but sights like that are truly a common way of the streets.

Coming from a person that just learned how to ride a bike, these people are pros, and there’s not a doubt in my mind that this is just one thing that Americans cannot execute as gracefully nor as efficiently as Ugandans.

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