What I learned about journalism, theology, the world and me

The things I learned are too numerous to offer a complete list. My teachers in middle and high school always discouraged using the word “things,” it shows a lack of creativity and specificity. But I cannot anchor down what I learned with one description. Below is a highlight of those “things” in no particular order.

– The world is a small place and getting smaller. Distance is becoming a harder excuse to use for ignorance and indifference.

– Journalism should tell the stories that need to be told with an aim at the truth.

– The people who went on the trip are amazing individuals.

Part of the class with Murchison Falls in the distance

– Theology should be more evident in every day discussion. It also should be more apparent in worship.

– Answers are not always the most important part of the question.

– It was reinforced in my mind that the world, both nature and mankind, are worth fighting for and loving.

– Real truth comes in helping others.

– Communication is not just verbal language.

– You do not need to speak the same language to make friendships.

Local Lira children and Creighton students spending time together. Picture taken by Alison Prater.

– Journalism serves the world. The world does not serve journalism.

– Theology is not just and ideology for the spirit. It is an ideology that can manifest itself in all parts of life.

– You are never too old to be a child. You are never too young or wise to listen to someone older than you.

– Truth and reality come from experience.

– Journalism is not just for those who write the newspaper.

– The rich want to be more like the poor and the poor want to be more like the rich. Those who are busy with work want more time for themselves while those who have the time for themselves and no work want to be busy with a job.

– I learned again that we are never done learning. The day I stop learning is the day I stop living.

Thank you to the people of Uganda and my classmates who taught me so much.

2 thoughts on “What I learned about journalism, theology, the world and me

  1. Jason, I’d like to post this list above my desk and think about these everyday. Thanks for all you brought to the journey. I love what you say about journalism. And communication. And everything.

  2. Jason – once again I am amazed with your thoughts!

    I think “things” is okay to use – your teachers were probably upset with the word “stuff” too. Obviously they did not take the time to observe your vocabulary and insight.


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