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Carol Zuegner

About Carol Zuegner

I am a journalism professor at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. I teach writing, social media, media entrepreneurship, international mass communication and I am lucky enough to be a part of Backpack Journalism. I focus on interviewing, writing and being Mama Zoogs.

5 thoughts on “We love comments

  1. Carol,
    Please know we are reading the blogs and enjoying the stories and observations. Although it is difficult to experience in the same manner as you all are, we are so thrilled that the students are able to have this wonderful experience. More importantly, they are giving of themselves to a different culture in hopes of making a difference. Thanks for the sacrifice you are making as well.

  2. All of you are inspirations to all of us. You are creating memories that will last forever and affect the rest of your life in ways you may not realize now. Enjoy every day !

  3. Carol, Tim, John the Elder (yes, that name will definitely stick, as long as John isn’t holding a pointed stick), and all of the fabulous companions sharing this journey,

    Thank you for sharing and know that we’re following your progress and anxiously awaiting the next film’s debut screening! Creighton is blessed to have this program.

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