So far, my return to Uganda has been everything I have hoped it would have been.  The places, people, smells, and sights are ones that I remember very vividly from last year and am very grateful to be coming back and witnessing everything again.  My personal goal for this trip is to re-process and find the deeper meaning in everything that I have already came in contact with.  The shell shock of being in Uganda is gone; it was gone the minute I stepped off of the plane in Entebbe.  I didn’t have the first time jitters stepping off of the plane because this was now familiar territory.  I’m not the deer in headlights that I was last year; I know what to expect this time around and I feel that because of that, this experience is going to be very helpful for me in understanding what my purpose is for having the opportunity to come back here.

I have caught myself not taking nearly half as many pictures as I did last year and I really don’t know why that is.  I half-ways think it is because I know that I have already seen these things and do not need photos to remind me of this place.  Could it be something else though?  Could it be that I have a greater understanding of everything this time around and am not the touristy type of person that I was last year?

As I said before, I’ve been doing a lot of personal reflecting the past couple of days.  I see all of the people outside of the bus windows and catch myself wondering what their “stories” are.  I mean, what do they do from dusk till dawn, where are they going when they ride their bikes, etc.  I know that what I see from the bus windows are only a very small portion of what goes on in these peoples daily lives and it bothers me because I want to know more about each and every one of them.  I would love to be able to stay with a family or individual for one or two days just to see what people from the buses and everywhere else in the world can’t see.

For those of you that know me and talk to me frequently, you may know that I have tossed around the idea of coming back to Uganda after this trip is over in order to volunteer.  After being here and seeing the people of Uganda again, I feel very strong about doing this, however, I want to be certain that doing this is my calling.  That is why this trip is so important for me, I do not want this to be a self-satisfaction type of deal; I want to be able to find the deeper meaning of everything and be able to really sit down and understand what my purpose/calling is in helping out the people of Uganda. This may seem like a bunch of rambling and unprocessed thoughts, but this has been what I have been thinking about since being here and I figured this was the easiest way to get it all out there.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Chase I hope u are thinking all this through this is a very big step. Whatever u are suppose to do God will help show u the way. I don’t mean to go all religious on u but God will be a big part of your decision to do what u need to do—-Love MOM

    1. I love that you’re thinking of going back to volunteer. You’ll figure it out. And if you do go, I’m sure it will be the experience of a lifetime.

  2. This post inspired me, and I think its so great that you are really putting thought, reflection, and time into your decision and feeling out what is right for you

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