The Farm View Country Resort

Place Description 

The Farm View Country Resort was the place we stayed throughout the duration of our trip in Uganda. Nicknamed the “Haven Away From Home,” it was located in the outskirts of Lira, one of the most populous cities in Northern Uganda.

To get to the resort, however, was more like an adventure than heavenly. Located about 2 kilometers away from the street, we had to take a winding dirt road all the way to the hotel. On the way, traditional viliages could be seen, as well as all the children waving and chasing the bus to the beginning of the hotel’s drive way.

Compared to many of the other hotels in Uganda, Farm View really stood up to its reputation. The hotel had great water pressure for showers, spacious rooms with cable television hooked up, and a beautiful acre of grounds to which the building resides on. Personally, one problem I had was with the beds. I found myself waking up in the morning with such a stiff back that I couldn’t walk upright in the morning, But, considering that bed in Uganda are thin compared to that in the States, it was not that big of a concern.

One thing that Farm View is excellent at is customer service. The owners, Florence and John, have a full staff of employees to take care of their guests concerns. Whether that be personally doing laundry, ordering food and beverages, or asking for extra pillows, they are happy to oblige.

Besides this, some of the best food in all of Lira is at the Resort. Whether it be spiced chicken and rice, curried beef with noodles, or fried fish with African Cole slaw and mangos, all of the meals are excellently prepared by Farm Views very own chefs.

Overall, this resort was truly a “Haven Away From Home” to a bunch of Americans trying to shoot a documentary.

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