The Church Lady

A picture of the Lira Cathedral Choir doing work.

Okay. I’ve been threatened to keep this short, so here it goes. No promises, Carol.

(Written Sunday) Yesterday we went to Lira’s Catholic cathedral to shoot some film of their choir. The mixed 25-people strong Ugandan choir really put out the welcome for us. They were singing and had children dancing when we rolled to the joint in our light blue tourist trap of a bus. It was a very nice gesture, seeing like we were all exhausted from the day already.

And it hadn’t even reached 3:00 P.M. yet.

We couldn’t have been any more tired than the choir members that gave us such a warm welcome, however. They waited for us for an hour and a half before we actually arrived (oops). I guess this is kind of an example if how lax Ugandans are with their time.

In the choir there was this woman named Victoria. She was a tall lady, with striking eyes and her hair was fashioned in a short bob. I captured a few pictures of her when she was jamming out with the choir, but I guess I really didn’t need to with all things that happened (get to that soon).

After their performance, the whole choir wanted to get pictures of us with them, but for some reason Victoria especially wanted a  picture of just me and her. It was very unexpected, but very courteous of her. I ran into her again that night when a few of us went to a open air concert that night in downtown Lira.

She’s a very quiet lady but a very outspoken one at that. It turned out that she is quite the little chatterbox when she is not in the cathedral singing and praising Jesus.

The next day, the group and I were required to shoot some film during one of the masses that Sunday morning. As soon as a set up the camera for shooting, I noticed Victoria in the front row, sitting with the other members of the white-shirted choir. She waved hello and took her place for the duration of the mass

After mass had ended, she handed me a manila envelope with a letter and a picture of herself in it. It read:

Dear Joseph,

How are you dear? Hope you are fine. Back to me I am very fine and happy. It was so nice to meet such a nice man like you in my life.

Oh, Joseph! I pray that God should protect you in whatever you are doing and have a nice stay in Uganda. Let me hope we will still meet in the future.

I wish you a safe journey back to Creighton University. I hope to hear more from you, dear. May God bless you. Amen.

Yours Faithfully,

Akello Victoria.

Once I read the letter, I was very taken aback, to be honest. I had only meet this girl three times and she wrote me a letter and gave me a picture of her, so I wouldn’t forget her.

Heidi said to me that if this was The Bachelorette I would have been given the first impression rose.

All I can say is unexpected kindness isn’t that so unexpected after all while in Uganda.


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