The 1%

Packing can be difficult for a trip. You basically have to condense your wardrobe into those few articles that are a necessity to you, packing clothes and supplies depending on the type of environment you plan on visiting. However, people (like myself) don’t really realize initially what the messages on your clothing say to other people.

I learned that though while in Uganda.

Back at Creighton, I am a member of a professional Greek fraternity, named Alpha Kappa Psi. Founded on the principles of any other fraternity, there comes with a sort of pride wearing your letters and representing your fraternity where ever you are in the world.

Within the fraternity, our motto is that we create the 1%, a group that exceeds making more income and enjoying more wealth than the remaining 99% of the world.

Uganda was the first 3rd world country that I had been to, and for me personally it was difficult to see so many people have so little but still joyful to say that they were happy. Though people there live in poverty, they have a light inside of them that can put them in a mansion.

I wore my AKPsi letters on the trip, not really paying much attention to the “1%” message that was logo-ed on my back. And after realize that this message made some people uncomfortable, I started to look to see what in fact was the root of the problem.

Within our country, Americans are under the impression that if you make a lot of money you live a luxurious life, a life full of big houses, fast cars, and expensive clothes. These items lend themselves to making believe that person who have money are selfish. In many eyes, the 1% of the world are selfish.

Although I understand people’s outlook on the matter and agree to a certain extent, I think of the 1% another way: a way that I would like to be viewed once I graduate, find a job, and start making money. It is our duty as people who make a decent living to give back to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. It is our job to care for the poor, even when no one else does. People of the 1% are not separated by wealth from the rest of the population, they stand with the remainder in the efforts to continuously making the change of creating better lives for people that they do not even know their names.

Overall, we are the 1%: We stand with the 99%.

I am proud to be apart of an organization that endorses unity and liberty for all. I am proud to be a part of a group that gives back instead of living under the stereotype of asking for more.


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