Technologically Speaking

Instability and fighting in Libya is still going on, and I flew over it. Is it that easy to forget?

I have been fortunate enough that I can only guess what war feels like for the Libyan people. I can imagine that they possess a heightened sense of awareness of their own survival. Food security, personal safety, and other basic needs must take a forefront in their conscience. And here I am in a plane, worried about when my leg will wake up again. Is it that easy to forget?

Technology has made the events of this world much more accessible. Yet, technology is the very thing that also allows me to bypass the reality of human existence that pervades below me.

Landing in Africa and touching the ground that this reality invades reminds me that technology can help one reach this reality. I can smell the smoke in the air, as if the fire of the land has just stopped burning and only smoking embers remain. However, I must make sure that the technology of cameras and microphones that we brought does not make it easy to “fly over” the reality of the human experience in which I observe. It must instead document the truth. It cannot be that easy to forget. I must remember.

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