Taking notice

Now that the initial shock of how drastically different Uganda is from anything else I’ve ever seen, I’ve begun to notice more things. We’ve spent a good amount of time on the bus and all I can do is look out the window. My plan was to do some reading during the time we spend going from place to place, but I’m absolutely mesmerized.

One of the things that sticks out the most to me is that there are a number of people who just sit out along the side of the road and watch the cars go by. I’m sure it’s not every day that they see a bus full of Mzungus drive by.

Herbert, our guide, told us that the unemployment rate was about 40% – and we freak out if unemployment rates touch 8%! My guess is that the people staring off into the distance, watching cars go by, or the men who sit together on their motorcycles all day are the ones who are unemployed. For me, it’s hard to understand why they would just spend the day doing nothing. I mean, shouldn’t they at least by making things or doing something with their hands?

If it were me, I’d get restless and stir crazy. I’m used to being on the go all the time. I guess it makes me feel incredibly lucky to have two jobs.

Crazy Mzungus...

2 thoughts on “Taking notice

  1. Great observation on the unemployment rate. It really makes you appreciate how much opportunity we have in America. It would be interesting to know what the people staring off in the distance are thinking about.

  2. I dont have a job so I just sit and stare at things. Mainly the computer, or a book, or a puzzle.

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