Take the Time

Do we take time in our lives to realize the extent of events around us and the entirety of what is actually occurring in others lives?

In the United States we are so busy. We have every minute of every second planned out. If we aren’t doing something we are racing to accomplish something else. Very rarely do we have time for meditation or reflection. Besides that, very rarely do we actually have time to fully experience the world around us.

We live in a fast food, fast pace nation. Everything we have must be fast, our internet to making our meals. But, what do we loose in the process? We loose the ability to take note. We don’t have time to smell the flowers. Relationships with those immediately around us suffer, even in our own immediate family’s.

John O’Keefe spoke in reflection about the lack of time we as a whole are willing to give.  He said, “The one thing the poor have that we don’t is time.”

In, Africa this is becoming increasingly apparent to me. There is a difference between Ugandan time and regular time. The sense of length is just completely different. The people are more then willing to give their time to us. When we visited Ave Maria school yesterday they had taken the time to  welcome us with open arms and song. They performed for us songs and dances. In my days, while we do have activities planned out, we have the time to notice the small things about the world around us. We are able to be present with those around us. We notice the world, the kindness of the people. We notice more in depth the reality of what is happening in their lives.

I wonder how our perspectives would change if we took the time to live a little more slow paced and notice what is actually going on around us.

5 thoughts on “Take the Time

  1. Glad to hear your gaining a lot through this experience and learning different aspects of a culture.

  2. If you are going to see Mr Otim and his wife, Clemensia, please give them my love and best wishes. I met them in 2009. They do good, holy work with the children. Be safe on this life-changing journey.

  3. I felt John’s comment about time to be so true. I think we do slow down here and focus on what we are doing and each other. It makes the experience so rich. It’s a lesson to take back home.

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