Stones Over Rushing Water

Water is a necessity for life. We need it to survive. the people of Uganda need water to survive. But, getting water that is clean to drink here is much more difficult than going to our faucets, refrigerators, or hoses and grabbing a slurp. People here walk miles everyday to search for uncontaminated water to fill their yellow 5 gallon containers.

But it must be clear that the Ugandan people’s definition of uncontaminated couldn’t be any further than the American definition of clean water.

Water is fluid, just how life is fluid. Every year we celebrate another year of our lives going past, remembering a day in which we are supposed to grow older, never younger. We are constantly moving in one direction and there is no stopping it.

The years go by like stones on rushing water. We only know, we only know when it’s gone. – Needtobreathe

When we look at a lake, a river, an ocean, there are always stones underneath it, rocks that help support the pathways of the waters. They are never viewed as the primary sight of splendor, but in some instances, there is that one rock that we just can not stop starring at in beauty.

We have rocks in our lives. As we go on our journeys within our lives, there are rocks that are always there that help to guide is in our actions, point out our mistakes, and teach us something new. Despite how far our journeys may be that take us away from those rocks in our lives, they will always constantly be there, waiting for us until we come back.  They wait until the currents of blue come back to keep company with them once again.

This trip, being here in Uganda, has really made me appreciate the rocks in my life. Despite how long I am away from them, if I am in a dispute with them, or just downright angry at them, they are always there, patiently waiting for me to come back to where we were before the currents took hold. Before these two weeks, I never told my rocks how much I appreciate them, how much I love them, how much I want to be around them even when I act like I don’t.

Life is unpredictable, and I don’t want the years to go by like stones on rushing water without telling them I love them every single day.

God knows

Some situations God puts is between a rock and a hard place. See example above.

how long we have them for, so cherish every single moment.



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  1. Loved your thoughts about the rocks in our lives/your life; great imagery! And a great challenge to cherish every moment. (Side note — One of my all time favorite songs is Shine On by Needtobreathe)

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