“Standard Quality Pork Joint”

Honest, this one was a real sign. It was written on a green tiny stand/shack with raw meat hanging in the window.

Nairobi Flies

Skin carroding bugs

Do not smash them, tuck net in.

Or you’ll be sorry.


Proud american

Roosters and like a G6

All mine for breakfast

Stoney by Coca-Cola

I love stoney drink

Its ginger flavored soda

Try to bring it home.



5 thoughts on ““Standard Quality Pork Joint”

    1. Weeeelllll first of all mom,
      Haikus are a type of poem
      Silly Mzungu.

      Second of all mom,
      I am a creative person,
      And could use support.

  1. Alison.. Hope you’re having an amazing time and can’t wait to see you and hear all about it. I enjoy reading the blogs and trying to get a sense of what you’re experiencing. Please keep us posted when you can.

    Love Mom Dad

  2. Oh Boy! Spacey Mom…The misinterpretations of online communication! My support is with you Bunny…i litterally thought it was a “sign”! So silly…yes “haiku”, I know the term…very nice…captivates the moment! I have been a lil’ loopier than normal…I know…hard to fathom! Love you Bunny, miss you like crazy!

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