Pics of animals and water and such

My last post might have been a bit grim.  I thought I’d lighten it up with some pics:

Murchison Falls

This is Murchison Falls.  It is a double exposure (one for the sky and one for the water), but honestly, it was even more beautiful than this picture.

Murchison Falls

Here are a few students (Heidi, Sara and Alison, l. to r.) hanging out at the falls.

Little bird

Here is a beautiful little bird I can’t recall the name of.  The detail in the wings is amazing in the original image.

A pair of birds

More amazing birds.

Crested Crane

The Crested Crane is the official bird of Uganda.


Elephants, of course.


So many hippos.  I can’t even estimate a number, but I’ll say hundreds, anyway.


I just love these little guys



7 thoughts on “Pics of animals and water and such

  1. Murchison Falls looks a little different in those pictures than it did last year. I hope you had a splendid time!

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