Let’s Play Chicken

I hope I never have to drive in Ugandan traffic.  These past to days have been interesting driving around the city. I feel like the entire population is playing one giant game of chicken.  There are pedestrians, bicycles, motor bikes, cars and buses, all sharing the road. No ts to get out of each other’s ways. Today we drove from  Kampala to Lake Victoria.  It was an hour and a half drive. Parts of the road were barely big enough for two cars to drive by. We pass by cars so closely you could easily reach out and tough them. In the city, cars merge leaving no space between them.  Each time when we go to stop my hands clench because of the small time and space left.  In the round-abouts people force there way into unimaginably small spaces. The other thing that is slightly terrifying is the fact that traffic drives on the left side of the road. I have become accustom to seeing cars stream past me on the right. But when left hand turns are made it makes me hold my breath. I feel myself pushing down my right foot in attempts to use an imaginary brak There is no opportunity for you to be a passive driver. You must be assertive and push your way in.  As a passenger it is best to try not to pay attention to where you are going or, if worse comes to worse, just hold your breath and prey.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Play Chicken

  1. Hi, Teresa, I’m Michelle and I was on the trip last year. The drivers are remarkably talented at driving terribly and not crashing! I recall it feeling like a constant roller coaster-type experience 🙂 You’ll miss it like hell in a few weeks, so soak it up while you can! My thoughts are with all of you!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun with the drivers. If anything, my aggressive driving will seem like nothing when you come back compared to these drivers. Continue to have fun.

  3. This sounds so scary Teresa! And what an adventure! I am praying for you and your team. Thank you for the updates!

  4. Sounds like you are in a great immersion process-lots of sights, sounds, smells, emotions,tastes!
    Have a great and safe time. Hugs

  5. Next time u can drive in SFO and it will be a breeze. Have I told you lately how fantastic of a person you are?!! Xo ramasamadamamama

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