This blog starts a series of several blogs that have been in the making since my last days at Uganda. For some time, I was unsure how to finish each of them. This lack of finality was coincident with my inability to find answers to some of the questions that were raised during the transition from Uganda back to Omaha. While I personally believe I have not found the right answers to these questions, I think I am ok with the uncertainty.

While I will not chronicle each one of these issues, nor offer any conclusions of lasting permanence, I hope to illuminate some of the issues in the next couple of blogs.

I can add though with conviction that unlike the page in which I type up this post now, life is never just black and white. Going to Uganda may have started as a search for these black and white answers, but it ended as a search for the right questions. Limiting myself to black and white answers is like seeing a person for the color of their skin. It is a view that lacks truth and substance.

And so while I finally add the endings that these next several blogs have patiently waited for, I pray that I never find an ending for the search that Uganda helped reinforce. May this search for truth not seek closure but rather opportunities and more openings.


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