Imagine if you were in their roots

Can you remember when the rainforest tore down the cities? When it started to encroach on our land? Sure, it was considerate at first. Slowly it uprooted the edge of our civilizations, keeping the downtown areas intact so that it might still grasp the pleasure of experiencing humankind.

It used to love us, to call its home by the same name as ours. When it realized it could gain an easier, quicker evolutionary advantage by removing us, it did not hesitate.

So we have retreated. Human life has been destroyed by the dehumanization of our cities. The rainforest will never love us anymore because it has taken away our very essence that it originally cherished. We are left to wait. Either the rainforest will die out giving us an opportunity to grow again, or it will realize its existence is tied with ours. We pray that it realizes immediate gain does not replace sustainable growth. But who am I to judge, I am not the rainforest.

Brief commentary: [On the context of this post] Driving to Lake Victoria today, we saw brief glimpses of bursting diversity that has since been replaced by tea farms and sugar cane. It is hard to imagine some of the great majestic trees that we saw being bulldozed to the ground as animals scattered deeper away from humankind. I have faith that humanity has the potential of developing innovative ways to prosper without decimating the forest. However, it will require NOT taking the path of least resistance. I do not mean to simplify the problem. The rainforest issue is much more intricate. But creative solutions should and can treat these problems. The rainforest is too precious to lose.

7 thoughts on “Imagine if you were in their roots

  1. Not many people truly understand the importance of the rainforest nor do they get the chance to actually experience it. All I know and have learned are from books. You are getting a chance to see and breath the air of the land. I know this experience will move all of you into a better appreciation of biodiversity. Love to read these blogs.

  2. Hi, Jason, I’m Michelle and I went on the trip last year. This is just the start of the beauty you will encounter in Uganda. Treasure each and every moment because you’ll be back here before you know it. My thoughts are with all of you!

  3. This is SUCH and awesome post. What a creative way to show the importance of the rainforest (particularly when it comes to the survival of humanity). Great writing and terrific insight.

  4. What an experience Jason. Being there, seeing the damage done to the forest and innocent people who had lived there for centuries must have an incredible impact on you. Stay safe!

  5. Excellent blog. I hope you continue to explore the mysteries of the rainforest and the wealth of innate healing compounds hidden there in your future work as a chemist.

  6. You speak truth man. We could all use a change of perspective.
    I hope you enjoy the experience; I’ve always wanted to go myself.

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