How to Deal With Stomach Issues in Uganda.

Well, the stomach issues have passed…for now. Yesterday was hell. I don’t know why, but traveling in a foreign country does nothing good for the stomach.

Between getting up at 4am and being on a bus in a country where fender-benders are essentially a civil right, my stomach was no bueno.

However, I did find, through it all, a couple ways of dealing with said…issues.

1. Keep your eyes off the road. I swear, every time I looked outside I felt like vomiting.

2. Have Radiohead on loop. Same goes for Coldplay.

3. Avoid all liquids except water and coke, and take very small doses.

4. If you can, find a comfy shoulder to sleep on. I recommend Heidi Hoffman.

5. If said comfy shoulder is not available, don’t worry. Your body will adjust to any awkward sleeping positions you might find yourself in.

6. Avoid talking about tapeworms at all costs. Same goes for any parasite.

7. Clean toilet seats are few and far between in a developing nation. Don’t worry though, humans got along without them for centuries. You’d be surprised how easy certain activities can be given the circumstances. I suppose it’s still hard-coded int our DNA.

8. Learn to love rice and bread. I personally don’t care for rice, but it’s one of the few things your stomach can process easily. After awhile, it becomes akin to your favorite snack.


10. Unfortunately, even with antibiotics it still takes time to work its way through your system. So buck up, make sure you have TP with you at all times, and be prepared for the most intense bowel-fueled roller coaster ride of your life.

2 thoughts on “How to Deal With Stomach Issues in Uganda.

  1. Be grateful for your TP. Back in my day (last year), all I had was boarding passes 🙂 I hope you feel better soon so you can get the full experience! After all, looking out the windows is one of the best parts!

  2. hahahah this actually made me laugh out loud and brought back wonnnnnnnderful memories. but hey, if it makes you feel any better, 4 out of the 20 of students down here in bolivia have already have parasites/amoebas and had to get IV’s in the hospital

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