Give way

The most terrifying things I’ve experienced in Uganda are transportation and the 12 of us getting into a hand-made oat on Lake Victoria with some incredibly expensive camera equipment.

Our mode of transportation for this trip is the obvious choice – a big, blue, rickety bus with big windows and Fred as our driver and Herbert as our guide. The windows are perfect for being able to take pictures. We were able to see everything. this also means that every Ugandan can see us as we pass by.

But everything about riding in this bus is slightly frightening in the sense that Ugandan roads aren’t the best (although most are paved so that’s a plus). Everything is backwards. They drive on the left. And they don’t have any stop signs or traffic lights in general. There are times when vehicles are literally only inches apart. It’s absolutely insane. I swear every time we cross the street John is telling us to look right THEN left so we don’t get hit. It’s weird to be re-learning how to cross the street. It makes me feel like I’m back in kindergarten. Maybe I should hold someone’s hand next time.

But, the transportation doesn’t even compare to when the 12 of us got on a boat at Lake Victoria today to go see the source of the Nile. And because we’re practicing with our cameras and getting pictures today, we decided to bring all our cameras on the boat with us. It sounded like it would be a perfectly fine idea until we pulled away from the shore and the boat sank to a level that made everyone uneasy. But we were lucky enough to get some really great shots from it.

The boat we rode on Lake Victoria


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