Forest and People Part 2

Driving through the game park, I could never get tired of watching galloping giraffes, lounging elephants, and all sorts of other charismatic fauna. Seeing the leopard hunt a herd of gazelle was like watching Planet Earth unfold 10 yards from me on the African plain.

The flora was equally full of life. The trees have so much direction and horizontal reach.

Looking over Murchison Falls the day before was like watching the book of Genesis flow with immense power. I did not notice the rain falling on my clothes as my senses were deafened by the sound, sight, feel, and smell of the waterfalls briefly interrupting the flow of the Nile.

But as my mind struggles to capture the magic of African Mother Nature, I still also grapple with the memories and experiences I share with the people of Africa. Most are powerful, some are conflicting and difficult to make clear, and few I will never understand.

With both of these separate scenes present, some argue that saving one is sacrificing the other. Even now, there is a debate in Uganda over the need to cut down forests so that room can be made for industry. I have heard back in the States the Amazon debate, that saving the forest means sacrificing development necessary for human business and job growth.

But why must one die so that the other may live? I discussed in an earlier post that both human and nature have a dependence on one another. As fires burn close to my home in Colorado and threaten many others, I am reminded of this interdependence. We must all strive to imagine a future where these two scenes, man and nature, are not separate.

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  1. Jason – It is a tough call on what is the best choice… much do we put ourselves (Americans) as the leaders? Are we leading the right way or are we allowing the people who live there to actually make the decision?

    I hope and pray that your parents do not lose their home. It is a time for reflection.

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