As I look through the pictures from my trip, I am reminded of the smoke that permeated the air from all the burning waste. This sight was especially noticeable in Kampala, where from afar the city seemed as if it was smoldering.

Smog above the city of Kampala.

Now these pictures of a city up in smoke are not just of Kampala, but also of my neighborhood in Colorado Springs. From what it seems like, the entire state of Colorado appears to have caught aflame.

When high winds and atmospheric pressure combined to spread the fire outside of Waldo Canyon and towards the outskirts of the part of the city in which I live, I received a barrage of pictures documenting the flames coming over the foothills.

Fires burning on the front range of Colorado Springs. Picture provided by Adam Pink.

Unfortunately, some neighborhoods were destroyed. An elderly couple was burned inside their house. I personally know some families who lost their home. On another occasion I know a family whose home is the only one left standing on their block.

In no way to I intend to trivialize the situation in Colorado Springs by quoting the Joker in the Dark Night when he says, “Everything burns.” Science would say everything does burn, one just needs to find the right temperature.

However, no matter how bad the conditions became (the fire was so hot it melted glass, lower grade glass melts at 900 degrees F, other grades melt around 3000 degrees) the fire could not incinerate the efforts of all the responders who fought to extinguish the fire.

I saw a comic in which Batman, Superman, and a firefighter were all standing side by side and the caption read something along the lines of ‘who is your favorite superhero?’ There was a checkmark under the firefighter.

Comic provided by

As I watched a fire in a barrel shrivel the paper waste from my Grandpa’s farm outside of Yankton, South Dakota, I am reminded of those whose efforts are directed at putting out the fire around my home. I want to thank all those who fought and continue to fight the fires that have burned areas of the Midwest and all across America. Your dedication, determination, and courage are examples of who real heroes are and what the entire human race can be. Though it is not even close to enough, I offer my appreciation and prayers for all that you have done and continue to do. Thank you.

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