A Toast to the Team

Even though we have lost the majority of our readers because the blogs are no longer the only proof we are still alive, I still needed to write this final one. While in Uganda, we typically celebrated the accomplishments of the group with a quick toast and clink of glasses at dinner therefore I figured it was necessary to celebrate the trip with one too.

To Dr. O’Keefe: The truly wise (and now official) elder who ensured our safety and general well-being with intensity and poise.

To Tim: The creative and spontaneous artist who never failed to impress us with his incredible art as well as his playful sense of humor.

To Carol: The compassionate and relatable writer who challenged us to ask the tough questions and helped us make sense of the answers.

To Heidi: The dedicated and cheerful note-taker who gave 100% of herself to the project and offering a helping hand (or knife) wherever she could.

To Joe: The eager traveler who made the effort to speak with and get to know the local people and experience the culture. (“Myzunguuuuu!”)

To Jason: The quick-witted and thoughtful intellectual whose stories never failed to entertain and determination never failed to encourage the group.

To Sara: The kind-hearted and joyful spirit who helped her peers on countless occassions without expecting anything in return

To Teresa: The friendly and passionate girl whose smile is contagious and who I greatly admire for her immense strength.

To Alison: The down-to-earth walking encyclopedia who was always willing to share her random knowledge with us as well as offer her unique perspective on our experiences.

To Patrick: The curious wanderer who offered his powerful insights during reflections and his best faces during pictures.

To Chase: The genuine and warm-hearted jokester who was always prepared to take on whatever was thrown at him.

I am a better person for knowing you all and I wish you the best of luck in all you do. Cheers.

Keep on keepin’ on,


“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” –Anais Nin

4 thoughts on “A Toast to the Team

  1. Gabby — Yes, unfortunately we had stopped reading while our world was tossed into a turmoil of fire and evacuation, but we are back safe in our home and trying to catch up on life! So thank you for sharing this, giving us one more piece of the puzzle of your group dynamics — what an incredible team you made, each one’s gifts contributing to the whole. I think we said this before, but we enjoyed your writing very much, and it really helped us to visualize what it was like there. Blessings to you always! — Laura Goins

  2. To Gabby: the most down to earth member whose kindness and genuine character was always a reassuring comfort. Glad to have you as a friend

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