Wrapping My Head Around Everything

It’s been five days since I left the airport in Entebbe, Uganda to make the long trip back to the United States.  Before leaving the airport, I thought that I would be anxious and happy to get back to America and see my family and friends and tell them all about my trip.  However, I was completely wrong.  I mean, I was happy to see everyone and tell them the many stories that I had, but a part of me was not ready to leave at all.  I wish I could have stayed there for a while longer because after being in Uganda for two weeks, I felt as if I belonged there.

The emotions that I’ve experienced in the last two and a half weeks are ones that I never imagined I would.  I’ve gone from being anxious to happy, happy to amazed, amazed to scared, scared to blessed, and blessed to sad. I find it to be completely astounding that a person can have that many different emotions in such a short time and have all of those emotions stick with them even when they come back home.

It was crazy for me to come back to America because when I was in Uganda I barely had any forms of communication available to me.  Sure, we had the internet to blog every once in a while, but other than than I was disconnected from everyone.  I actually kind of liked it because it helped me to enjoy the experience a lot more rather than if I had my Blackberry attached to my hand at all times. 

It has also been very difficult for me to tell everyone about my experience in Uganda when they have asked me how my trip was.  I never really know where to begin and once I’ve told them something, I feel that what I said could have been explained in a completely different way in order for them to a better understanding.  I just feel that no matter how hard I try to explain everything to the people that ask me about my trip, they will never truly understand what I witnessed and felt over there because they weren’t there.  In a way that is fine with me because I’m grateful for the experience that I had and I know that most people will never experience something like I did ever in their lives.  On the other hand, it also frustrates me because no matter how hard I try to educate people about the situations over there, they will never truly understand what its like and will not be affected by it as much as myself.  

However, as I’ve said a million times already, I feel very blessed to have witnessed the things that I did while I was in Uganda.  I plan on going back there whenever the opportunity arises again (which is hopefully sooner rather than later).  I hope that the next time I go there I can stay longer because after going there for two weeks already, I know that that is not long enough for me.  

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