Wine shop and hair boutique…best of both worlds

Hello from Gulu!  This blog is just going to be a little summary of what we have been the past couple days.  Also, for any confusion of my title it was just a random store we passed today on the bus.  I mean what else could you want? 

This has been quite a whirlwind adventure so far.  We have been busy working on things for our documentary.  On Tuesday we went to two former internally displaced people camps.  This was the most emotionally straining day for all of us so far.  It was really hard to see their desperation and hopelessness.  The first place was the site of a massacre in 2004 in the camp.  Rebels attacked and killed hundreds of people.  One man I talked to said that when the government officials came, they took him into town and had him speak on the local radio about the event and then when he returned he found out three of his children were burned alive in their family hut.  Even eight years later this community has not recovered.  They have many widow and orphans that must now be supported.  Their location from town makes it hard for their children to get education and nearly impossible to get any sort of healthcare.  

I think we all felt guilty that we were there with our nice cameras and probably at least $200 worth of schillings on the bus when these people had nothing.  One woman tried to give me her baby to take with me and another asked me for the shirt off my back.  I have never ever in my life seen poverty like this, it is amazing that people have to live like this.  

Today we went to a Church and a school that was way way north in Uganda.  It was the definition of “in the bush” I dont think I have ever been more in the middle of nowhere in my life.  Such gorgeous country side though.  I am glad we are here in the rainy season though, apparently in the dry season everything is just brown and dusty and really really hot.  I met the sweetest girl at the school.  She was very shy but I don’t think she let go of my hand the entire time we were there.  Right before we left she told me her name was Samuno and she was in P1 which means in her first year of school so she was probably about five years old.  

I can’t believe we only have a couple more days of filming left.  This has been the longest and shortest week of my life.  

For any astronomers out their following these blogs we can see the southern cross here and we can see the big dipper here but it is upside down.  crazy to think about that and that we are far enough way that we can see the southern cross.  That constellation is not even visible in the United states. 

Tomorrow we are going to spend the day at a Jesuit high school and then on Saturday we are going to to to another former internally displaced people camp.  After Saturday we are done filming and will be heading towards Jinja and Kampala for some of more of the touristy aspects that Uganda has to offer (ie game parks and the Nile River) 

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