Who’s counting?

“Your passport isn’t valid…”

My stomach hit my feet and my head started racing with, “I know I checked the date, I know I checked the date,” 

“…until you sign it.”

The airline clerk handed me a pen, and the problem was solved. I think international travel has a habit of getting anyone and everyone into a mentality where something is bound to go wrong, which puts all of us on edge. 

It’s May 19th and I’m turning 19, which makes it my golden birthday. On our first flight, my seat was 19E. Coincidence? Maybe. Even more awesome, I get to spend the majority of my birthday in the air, and in 2 continents. Also, turns out I share my birthday with Andre the Giant, Kevin Garnett and Grace Jones. The things you learn during a way-too-long layover.

So, a five hour layover in the land of 10,000 lakes. I only counted 12 out of my window when we were on our descent, but who’s counting?

I’m so ready to get off of this continent and into Africa.  

Math: 19+6=25. 25 hours until we are in Uganda! 

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