Who owns this cow is blocking the round about???

Hello from Uganda. After 28 hours 23 minutes ands 51 seconds (thanks for the running time count Matt) of travel on Thursday/Friday and an 8 hour drive on Saturday.  we finally made our way to Lira where we will be for 4 nights.  The hotel and the compound is really nice. 


The ride today was a culture shock to say the least but in the best way possible.  Being crammed on a bus for that long really can bring a group together.  We saw everything from cows walking in the road (who owns these wondering cows anyways?), to at least fifteen baboons in the road and in the surrounding forest, to probably some of the scariest driving that I have been in, although I must admit it is aggressive BUT very very efficient.  


Everything here is so colorful: the landscape, the building, the people.  Everyone is so excited about life, personable and excited to meet us; except for the women who threw bananas at our bus, but that is a story for another time.  


When we finally got to our hotel in Lira we were all excited to go walking around the compound and outside of the compound.  When we wondered out we found a group of probably 15-20 children playing.  They loved our cameras and wanted to make silly faces for the pictures and then would die of laughter looking at their silly faces.  They had so much life and wanted to show off their karate moves that they learned from movies to us.  


Once back home, Matt helped me to kill a rather large spider in my room and now it is time for dinner. Dinner was outside by candle light and fireflies.  However romantic this idea sounds it was more of an adventure not being able to see what you are going eat… from as far as I can tell, it was beef, fish, tortilla type things, fruit, and salad. 


I was also struck by the community that i saw on the bus.  Even just driving past these people it was obvious how much more community oriented they are then in the American culture.  


Great day.  Tomorrow is mass at nine and then interviewing the bishop in the afternoon.  I have been surprised at the lack of jet lag that I have experienced but I bet it will probably be worse when going back to Omaha.  For anyone back in Colorado and Nebraska waiting for an e-mail from me that probably wont happen for a while the internet is slow and limited here but keep up with the blogs. 


Finally, new word of the day … Mzumgu the word that they use for white people.  We heard it a ton today and I think we will be hearing it a lot more in the next couple weeks 

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