What movie-making in Uganda has taught me.

Here is a list of things that I learned while filming for our documentary. 

  • Setting up filmed interviews will present new challenges every time. 
    • Turkeys gobbling, construction, rain in the jungle, bugs, etc.
  • Filming during a church service should never be referred to as a “mass shooting”.
  • I should look into a profession in boom mic. operation. 
    • Holding still despite bugs crawling on you, 100 degree weather and your arms going numb is a gift.
  • When in doubt let the camera do the thinking. 
    • Set everything to automatic and then fix the problem areas. (This saved me a few times.
  • The tripod is your friend.
    • No matter how far you have to hike with it or how annoyed you get attempting to level it on uneven ground, scenes not shot with a tripod are unlikely to be useable. 
  • B roll does not mean just filming kids.
    • They’re adorable but B roll should be relevant. 
  • If you think taking notes in a reporters notebook makes you look more legitimate…
    • It does.
  • Priests are long-winded.
    • These are the interviews that always went the longest.
  • Bad translators can be extremely frustrating.
  • Rembrant lighting is easier said than done. 

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