What is peace?


What is it?

This is what I struggled with while we were in the country. How on earth were these people able to forgive the rebels for what they did?! Are they JOKING?! I’d never ever forgive someone if they had made me watch someone murder someone I loved. If I had been abducted, I would never be able to stop holding a grudge.


And yet, I watched and listened to almost every person we talked to as they said, “I have forgiven them.”

It still gives me chills. 

I have learned what peace is. Peace is being able, no matter what, to see the good side of something. To not get stressed out over something, no matter how major this is.  These people are the definition of an optimist. They believe in the good of a person, of anything, even when they cannot see it. They live life day to day, and know that no matter what they do, tomorrow will be different; tomorrow will be better.

They have taught me to try to be more at peace with myself, because there cannot be peace in a world when people don’t have peace with themselves.


Peace be with you.

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