What is justice?

“What is justice?” I used to think of that word with an “eye for an eye” mentality. Justice meant, for me, that someone who commits a wrongdoing gets what he/she deserves.

Through this trip and the inspirational people we met along the way, I’ve realized that it’s exactly this kind of “justice” that rips nations apart.

True justice, in fact, comes by a wrongdoer getting what they most certainly do not deserve, and that’s forgiveness.

Because without that forgiveness, there is no hope for peace; and without peace, what’s justice but a never-ending cycle of wrongdoings?

Someone along the line has to be strong enough to stand up and forgive, rather than fight back. To forgive is the more difficult option, although it’s not always looked upon as the most admirable. 

The person that breaks the cycle demonstrates true integrity. If it is wholehearted, genuine forgiveness, then that deed starts, rather than a cycle of violence, a cycle of peace, and that kind of justice is what strives towards a society of solidarity. 

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