We we we so excited, we so excited

We leave TOMORROW MORNING. This is unreal. I got really excited for the trip yesterday but now I’m really. really. nervous. 

The past three days have been filled with theology and journalism lectures and LOTS of video bootcamp. I didn’t think I would be too bad at this filming thing and I’m slowly catching on but I’m still preeeetty awful. 

Also, this is really the first time since high school that I’ve been in class for this long everyday so I’m pretty worn out. Hopefully I don’t look like this little guy walking towards our airport terminal tomorrow (:

Annnnd I just realized at lunch that I have to pack tonight… that’s gonna be interesting. I’m a pretty bad over-packer (like when I go home to my parents for a weekend I usually bring about 12 outfits) so this will be kind of difficult for me. I just wrote a list out of everything I have to bring and, when I add a tripod and camera to the mix, I really don’t think it’s humanly possible to fit it all in my little purple suitcase. Ahhh there’s just too much to do before we leave and basically no time to do it… stressful. 

I’m just ready to go and ready to be in the country already. I’m getting to the airport around 7am tomorrow and then I’ll just be 3 plane rides and couple really long layovers away from AFRICA.   


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