We leave in the morning

I lived in Bophuthatswana, Africa a while back.  Here I am, years later, finally returning to the continent.

It is hard to leave Beth in the U.S., but fortunately I know she will have both friends and family hanging out with her.  Even still, this time it is harder to be in Africa without her.  

Last time, we weren’t even engaged, yet.  We were only able to talk for about 10 minutes a week on the phone, so we fervently wrote countless heartfelt letters to each other, instead.  I figured it was leading somewhere.  

I bought her engagement diamond while I was there.  

I started the first sketches of the design for the ring, which I later carved into the tiny sculpture she now wears on her finger.

As hard as it is to leave, however, it is also exciting to go.  I’ve wanted to return to Africa for years.  I’ve never been to Uganda.  This will be a very different trip, indeed.  This time I have my amazing colleagues, John and Carol, to travel with.  Plus, we will be joined by an amazing group of 14 students who will be creating a mini-documentary while they are there.  

The last documentary, Esperanza, won awards.  It made it into the local Omaha Film Festival.  It was a great little film.  A hard act to follow.

Call me optimistic, but I have a powerful feeling this group is going to do even better.

You watch and see. 

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