As we begin classes for our journey to Uganda, it is quite obviously that all preparations are about to come to a close when we depart on Thursday.  It is time for packing to stop.  Classes will soon be over. But mental preparations may never be complete.  That is why when people ask me how I am feeling about the trip, I usually respond with excited but I also include that I am unprepared. I am about to experience things that I have never experienced before.  Journalism.  Videography.  Interviewing.  Blogs.  But more than that I will have new encounters.  With people.  With a third world country. How am I suppose to prepare for the new encounters and experiences that are beginning today? I have come to the conclusion that Thursday will come even if my suitcase does not have everything I will need.  I will begin journalism and videography even if I haven’t learned all the techniques. As for being mentally prepared, I am sure that I never will be. Because I am unprepared, I have decided to begin this journey with no expectations.  With no expectations, I will try to let everything wash over me.  Absorbing all that I can.

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