After concluding our filming last week we were able to experience even more of what Uganda had to present to us.  Safaris.  Boating on the Nile.  Waterfalls.  The touristy type things.  My goodness, how I hated to feel like a tourist and how I started to get angry at people who were just tourists.

I don’t want to go on and angry and judgmental tangent here about people because that won’t do any good.  Perhaps the, I hope, common conclusion that our world is beautiful is more worth discussing.

The animals of the world have been crafted so beautifully.  They are made perfectly for their purpose.  I understand that some people or cultures rely on animal sources for nutrients and sustenance.  But letting animals roam freely is so natural and true their creation.

The land and trees used to cover so much of our world.  Wonderful resources have been provided to us.  However, how wrong of us is it to take advantage and destroy what we have been given? Everything green and alive is being replaced by everything gray and dead.  It doesn’t make sense to me. 

I have never seen a more blue sky or more white clouds in my life.  I could stare at the sky for hours because it always amazes me.  I don’t think I could ever, with my limited artistic abilities, paint or photograph the sky to show its clarity and vastness.  

Water is so powerful.  Water brings life to all it touches.  At the same time water is not to be taken advantage of.  It is such a great privilege to have clean water and especially to turn on a faucet and have clean water.  But if water is taken advantage of and contaminated, it can bring death and disease to so many.  Waterfalls can hold my attention forever.  It is such a mystery to me how the water can flow over the rocks and create such a wonderful display.  But rushing water can be dangerous.  It is best to observe and appreciate rather than try to fight the forces of nature.

Our world is so beautiful and such a gift.  And the beauty of it is all around us, even in Omaha, NE.  At all times it should be respected and appreciated and we should allow it to continue to leave us in awe. 

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