Top 10 Things I’ve Learned in Africa

Since my last few blog posts have been pretty serious, I’ve
decided to calm it down a bit for now. The past couple of days have been long, filled with interviews, bumpy bus rides, and nile specials, but today was finally our LAST
DAY OF FILMING and it’s time to relax! 

Anyways, I’m sure you’re all wondering about all of the cool
and useful things I’ve been learning here and what Africa is really like sooo
here we go…

  • It rains allllll the time here
  • The electricity goes out regularly…it’s out in my hotel room right now actually
  • I swear every set of stairs in this country is uneven… seriously you never know what to expect when you’re walking up them and it really sucks when it’s dark
  • If you’re outside for more than 20 minutes you’ll most likely be covered in red dust. (I come back to the hotel after filming every day thinking I got super tan but once I shower I realize I was just covered in dirt and I’m still really pale)
  • They have weird bathrooms here. I could shower, go to the bathroom, and wash my hands all at the same time with the layout in my hotel room right now. (But in the dark of course because my electricity is always out). AND I peed in a HOLE today… that was an interesting experience to say the least
  • Their roads are equivalent to level B roads at home if not way worse. A 30 minute drive in the US would legit take an hour and a half here and there would be giant puddles of water and huge rocks to dodge everywhere. On our way from Kampala to Lira on our second day in the country there was a road with about 50 speed bumps… each spaced out about 15 feet. Definitely not a fun ride when you’re in the back of the bus.
  • Water just randomly shuts off here. For example, it shut off mid-way through my shower yesterday morning and wouldn’t work at allll this morning. Lucky for me. If there is water, it’s cold, but a cold shower is better than no shower here.
  • There are SO many animals here. Goats, cows, chickens, pigs and dogs are just running around everywhere… we even saw baboons on the road when we were driving one day
  • It would take me two minutes of driving here before either getting in a car accident or hitting a pedestrian carrying something on their head. They drive on the opposite side of the road and there are people, bikes, and cows all over the street
  • Mosquito nets are tricky but definitely a blessing if you live here. I had to tuck and un-tuck mine from my mattress about three times last night because I kept forgetting stuff before bed… that was a little frustrating

My body is rejecting this country by the way… I must be allergic to a food or something because I’ve been sick for the past four days and have a weird allergic reaction kind of thing on my arm and stomach. Not fun.

I do really like it here but I’m also missing the states a lot. Especially the food… a cheese pizza or hamburger has sounded SO good for the past week. Fun fact: I ate a fried grasshopper yesterday. It took about 5 minutes to convince myself to do it but I finally did. It kind of tasted like a weird crispy french fry and I neeever want to do it again.

Annnyways, were leaving Gulu to go to Murchinson Falls tomorrow. I don’t think we’ll have internet until Tuesday when we get to Kampala so this will be my last blog for a few days.

Thanks for reading (:



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