This and That: Part 1

It is



to return to having everything.

Once the 35 hour travel day back to the U.S. was over and I got back to my room at Creighton, I was immediately thrust back into a luxury world. There I was in a beautiful apartment that is nicer than the hotels we stayed at in Uganda. A large refrigerator (that worked because I had electricity), a bed (with no dead bugs in it), a closet (full of clean, in tact, clothes), a shower (with running, hot, clean water) were waiting for me when I walked through the door.

It is difficult for me to coherently explain the effects of culture shock. Because one of my goals for this blog is to illustrate the differences between life here and life there, and I am failing to adequately articulate why I am overwhelmed, I’ll just show you what we were immersed in for two weeks and what I have just been dropped back into. 

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