The Great White Hunter

Murchison Falls was sweet. The power of nature was on full display (the entire Nile river gets compressed down to travel through rocks that are about 20 feet across). The boat cruise on the Nile was sweet. We saw all kinds of Crocs (not the crappy, ugly footwear, but the animal), hippos, elephants and a whole bunch of other happy critters.  We went on a game drive this morning. We were probably 15 feet away from Nala and Simba discussing whether or not Simba should go back to challenge scar. Which was obviously pretty sweet.

On the other hand spending 11 hours on a bus was totally not sweet. After our game drive we drove back down south to Kampala. About 2 hours into our drive to Kampala a battalion of giant flies somehow got into the bus and did what they do best, annoy the hell out of everybody. I was hot, tired, suffering from a bout of restless leg syndrome, and now incredibly annoyed. Something went off in my head and I went Rambo crazy on the flies. I grabbed a brochure and swung away, just like Mel Gibson told me. Humans 1. Flies 0.

I would definitely be lion, I mean lying haha, to you if I said I wasn’t ready to go home. I am super ready. This trip has been great on so many different levels but it has also been incredibly taxing on many levels as well. In roughly 48 short hours I will be on a plane back to Amsterdam, then back to the States. (I know that was a stretch but I couldn’t think of a better way to put a reference in.)

Tomorrow we are going to the sources of the Nile at Jinja and I really hope there are a bunch of red heads running around (Jinja= ginger, yeah I went there). So that should be fun. ……..Well seeya later.  That’s more like it.

Yours Truly

Matthew W. Dorwart

PS  According to our guide on our game drive, elephants can run 60 kilometers per hour. Can somebody get me a fact check on that one?

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