The End is Near

We have two days left of class.


A mixture between relief and sadness. Relief because we will finally be (pretty much) done with our video. Of course, Tim and Peter will continue editing after we all go home, but for the most part, the video will be done. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Still, sadness will come because we will all be going our separate ways for the rest of the summer. Most of us will stay in Omaha, but some will leave. Megan will go all the way back to Hawaii and then to Burma. It’s going to be weird not seeing everyone anymore. We’ve been together for extensive amounts of time for five weeks straight and now, all of the sudden; we’re not going to see each other anymore. And I’m going to be sad about it. But it’ll be fine.

Right now, we’re just focusing on finishing the video. And finishing our take-home test. And our 8-page paper. Which I have yet to start. Yikes. Maybe I should get to work_

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