The countdown begins…

It’s day one of our backpack journalism class. My nervousness began last night… which is weird because I don’t usually get very nervous before I travel. It might be because I’m realizing how much work this is actually going to be… but it’s fun work, so I’m really ok with that. 

My excitement set in last week when I started to pack and make Africa playlists for my iPod. Now I can’t stop listening to Africa music. The thing is that it’s not really Africa music, it’s music that just reminds me of Africa. Like this one song by Animal Collective, which isn’t an African band at all… and I only really like it because it’s so awesome in this Charity Water video. And there’s another song, called Haiti, by Arcade Fire (they’re a great band if you’ve never checked them out, by the way).

Anyway. Back to Africa. I guess I should discuss why I’m actually doing this. There are a lot of reasons; but my main motive is that I’m just really, really interested in Africa. I always have been, and I’m pretty sure I always will be. 

After going to the Dominican Republic with ILAC in high school, I realized that traveling to the developing world is something that I want to do throughout my life. Africa and India were on my list of top places I wanted to visit, and after going to Kenya last summer, I’ve pretty much decided that I’m probably going to volunteer/live in Africa for at least a few years after college.  

The other thing that drew me to this trip is the journalism component. Obviously, being a journalism major, I like journalism. Shocking, right? My non-journalism friends constantly make fun of me for it (every time I’m on the Internet they tell me to stop blogging… now I guess I can’t say, “I’m not blogging!” because I actually have a blog now.) Anyway, the journalism component is why I chose to go to Uganda rather than to go to Kenya with my group from last year, and I’m glad I chose this route because I know it’s going to be a learning experience unlike any other. 

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