That’s a Wrap!

So yesterday we finished our last day of official filming on our documentary project, although I would be surpised if that is the last footage we take. Next we are on our way to Murchison Falls where we will spend the next couple days on the Nile River and in the Wild Life Preserve there seeing lions, elephants, and other amazing animals.

 We have been hard at work and everyone enjoyed sleeping in this morning after a long week or so of filming interviews and B-Roll. We also got to visit the Jesuit school here in Uganda and talked to several students about their experiences during the war.

 A lot of the stories were hard to hear especially those who were captured and taken into the bush, many were captured more than once. The stories we have heard are heart breaking, but eye opening at the same time. 

I cannot wait to report back with pictures of all of the wild life we encounter on land and on the Nile when we boat down the river. We won’t have internet access for a couple days so you might not hear from me for a little while until we reach Kampala.

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