T-Minus 11 hours until takeoff

So 11 hours. That is how much time stands between me and the first leg of my trip to Uganda. Unfortunately it is only the first leg and my trip has about as many legs as a spider.

I just finished packing my bags luckily, a little early for me to finish but eh it’s done. So my two carry-on bags have more than my one checked bag has in it because we have to carry on so much camera equipment as well as I am carrying-on my personal DSLR camera so that I can take pictures while there as well.

Honestly I think I could have fit everything I am going to need for the next two weeks in my two carry-ons if I didn’t have to pack the GIANT camera. But I guess the whole reason we are going is to use the cameras there and film a documentary… so that might defeat the purpose if we don’t bring them.

How am I feeling? Wow I have not one single clue what my mind or body is feeling right now. I am anxious, hesitant, scared, joyful, and every other feeling that you could think of.

I am anxious to get there, I am hesitant to start the travel because I hate long flights overseas because my long legs regularly don’t fit comfortably underneath the seat.

I am scared about the whole process and what pressure we have since this is quite literally a once in a lifetime opportunity and we have one chance to capture all of the footage we need. I am joyful because I am going to FREAKING AFRICA tomorrow!

My plans between now and the first flight in the morning won’t involve sleep because I will want to do that on the first couple flights so I can be awake on the last ones, because when we land in Uganda it will be late so I will again need to go to sleep. I guess eating and watching TV will have to suffice for the next 8 hours and then I get to drive eat breakfast and get to the airport!

Next time you hear from me I will be in Uganda! 


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