So long, America!

Well, our trip is officially underway. If I’ve forgotten anything in my disheveled bedroom, it’s too late now. After successfully completing the first leg of our trip, I can somewhat relax & let the experience happen.

Leading up to this point was not easy, though. Let’s just say I’m on hour 28 of no sleep. Between saying goodbyes, updating my iPod, & making sure I have everything I need, there was no time for shut eye.

The most important of these was obviously the goodbyes.

How did I spend my last night in America? Like any stereotypical American would: I went to McDonald’s. Sweet tea & fries for around $2? That’s what I’m talkin’ about. It’s gonna be awhile before I am reunited with the delicious taste of greasy, fattening foods; I had to say a proper farewell.

As for my friends, we laughed & hugged. I reminded them for the millionth time to read my blog, & we parted ways.

My family was a different story. My father kept repeating how proud of me he is, & my mom just cried.

It’s strange to think that although I’m coming back in two weeks, the person my family & friends said goodbye to, isn’t the same person that will be returning.

As far as how the trip has been going so far, it couldn’t be running any smoother (knock on wood!). I would like to say congratulations to Chase for completing his first flight…EVER!

Well, the others are waiting to blog so, until next time… 


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