So Close…

The five week course that I had been looking forward to ever since the beginning of January will be coming to an end in the next two days.  It seems as if just the other day we were all coming together for our first class with the anticipation of going to Uganda.  Sadly, that anticipation and excitement has come and faded away.
However, the last five weeks have been the amazing.  I will remember the time that I had in Uganda for the rest of my life along with the people that I went with.  The group that I went with couldn’t have been any better because I had the greatest time meeting everyone and spending the time that I did with them.  I have learned so much about the people that I went to Uganda with, that it is going to be sad when I won’t be seeing them on a regular basis anymore.
I hope that the friendships I have made throughout these past five weeks will continue to be carried on as I go into my final semester at Creighton and even after I graduate.  I can only hope that every so often I get a facebook message, text, or phone call from someone that I went on this trip with saying that they want to get together and hang out.  
In these next two days, our editing journey will be done with for the most part as well besides Tim and Peter doing the final touches to our documentary.  After that, our masterpiece will be complete and ready to be shown to anyone and everyone!  It’s a great feeling because I want to show as many people as possible the things that I saw and heard while I was in Uganda.  
With saying that, I don’t want to show this documentary and have people think that we are trying to exploit the people of Uganda.  Rather, I want to send a message to the people who watch our documentary and have them begin to understand the troubles that the Ugandan people have gone through.  I hope that this documentary will influence people to stand up for the Ugandan people as well and try to make a difference much like the 14 students and three professors that went on this trip.   

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