Pre mini-doc bus ride

Many of you might have noticed that the students have not been posting images.  This is due to very slow internet speeds here where we are staying near Lira.  This has also limited the number of posts, but this should change in a few days when we get to Gulu.  

I will try and post an image, or two, since I certainly understand how to resize and reformat image files.  One reason is to test how long it takes to upload.  Another reason is to post an image from the bus that shows Herbert, our Uganda guide (a local director of Computers for Africa), as well as the enthusiasm of the group.  We had not yet conducted our first interview when the image was taken.  John can be seen snapping a photo of the students singing along to a Shakira song that Bridget put on her iPod.

Fred, the bus driver, had already plugged his own iPod into his 8-track stereo system, so swapping his iPod our for Bridget’s was a simple task.  What’s that?  Yes, I did type that correctly:  


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