Peace. Justice. Forgiveness

It is so difficult to put into words what I have gathered from the people in Uganda. Many of those we interviewed spoke of peace, justice and forgiveness. Their answers were always so beautiful and genuine. Their desire for peace, through justice and forgiveness is so strong. Peace, justice and forgiveness are perhaps some of the most abstract concepts to define yet, at the same time, it is easy for us to identify actions of peace, justice, and forgiveness. In order to define these ideas, we must not only describe them with our words but define them with our actions. That being said, the words I write to describe these concepts, most certainly, cannot come close to defining them. They are just a few of my thoughts….


– no violence or animosity between people

– acceptance and understanding

– loving others

– free of worry

– constant movement toward peace

– harmony

– open conversation, listening, learning

– in peace with God and self to live in peace with others


-giving others what they deserve

-many times thought of in terms of when a crime is committed but it is important to consider its meaning outside of that train of thought

-if it is giving others what they deserve, it is giving them what is rightfully theirs

-protection of human rights and justice when there is a violation of human rights

-also, we are given so much more than what we deserve

-we are a sinful people and despite our shortcomings we are still loved

-in terms of justice then, there is an element of mercy

-even if someone’s actions warrant justice, in everything we do we need to love others

-we must treat others the way we would want to be treated in the same situation

– unbiased


– expression of love

– not seeking revenge, not holding grudges

– unlimited

– not always easy, but always necessary

– unselfish

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